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Not Yet Saved - Peatland-inspired art by Jo Killalea

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Artist Jo Killalea's paintings capture an essence of the peatland landscape of her home in the West of Ireland and were recently exhibited in a solo show in Ballinglen Gallery, in Co Mayo. Here Jo writes about her work and shows us some of her art. Visit her blog here.

White-walled gallery space with one large and several small paintings on the walls
'Not Yet saved' exhibition of paintings by Jo Killalea

"My recent series of paintings‘ not yet saved’ were exhibited in a solo show at Ballinglen Gallery in Ballycastle, Co Mayo in August 2021. The work aims to capture both the preciousness and fragility of the peatlands landscape in the west of Ireland where I live.

Together with their titles, the paintings reference the connection with the global climate and ecosystem crisis and the challenge of environmental sustainability.

Painting in shades of brown, grey and orange with blue
Homeland - painting by Jo Killalea

Through the use of colour and symbols the paintings allude to the unique features of the landscape, its atmosphere, preservation of history and its slow growth yet rapid destruction due to turf cutting, commercial peat extraction, afforestation, drainage, burning. But they also pay homage to the cultural and heritage importance of the bog, and highlight its relevance as a metaphor for a disappearing way of life.

To find out more, visit Jo's blog and her site below.

Cream and shades of dark brown with numerous brown rectangles
Not Yet Saved - Oil on Canvas painting by Jo Killalea



the paintings by Jo Killalea are simply brilliant!

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