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Peat fans, why not join the Irish Peatland Society?

Following our Peatlands Gathering event, where else can those with an interest in peat find more information and meet like-minded individuals with a view to further their knowledge and help the conservation of peatlands? A good place to start is the Irish Peatland Society, here secretary Pat Fitzgerald describes the workings of the organisation.

The Irish Peatland Society (IrPS) brings together organisations and individuals with an interest in peatlands and peat. It is affiliated to the International Peatland Society (IPS) - - and subscribes to the purpose and ethos of that organisation.

A broadly based executive committee manages the activities of the IrPS which include relevant participation in IPS projects and events that are essentially aimed at sharing knowledge to enhance and support the responsible management and wise use of peatlands and peat.

The society usually organises a seminar each year in the autumn that serves to highlight whatever is topical in the area of Irish peatlands whilst also participating in peatland-related activities at an international level through the IPS. Occasionally the IrPS takes on larger events involving participants from abroad and each of these seminars and conferences has been supplemented with relevant and interesting field trips.

Membership fees are levied annually in October and the proceeds are used to fund the ongoing costs of running the Society, principally the annual seminar and field trip as well as the affiliation fee to IPS. The Fee Structure is as follows:

Corporate €250

NGO €100

Individual € 40

Student € 20

If you are interested in joining the Irish Peatland Society or would like to find out more about us, please contact Pat Fitzgerald (Secretary) at the following email address:


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